Solid Wood Furniture Versus Veneer

  • Is this solid wood furniture?

    It’s one of the most typical concerns asked of furniture manufacturers since someplace along the line, veneers obtained a bad track record. The preferred perception is that furniture that includes veneers is reduced top quality than solid wood pieces. In truth, most fine furniture is made from a combination of veneers as well as solid wood furniture. If you research the classy antique furniture showcased in museums, you will certainly see skillfully crafted veneered furniture that has endured the test of time.

    Solid woods as well as veneers are both superb metals when utilized in the appropriate location and well-constructed. This paper will assist you discern the distinction between both products, understand their proper use, as well as acknowledge quality craftsmanship.

    Exactly what is veneer?

    Wood veneer is a slim slice of wood cut or peeled from a log. The slice can be as thin as a piece of paper or thick sufficient to suit sanding and also redecorating down the road. The veneer is complied with an additional wood surface. Typically, the external layer is made from the most stunning or unique timbers, while the substrate is made from practical timbers or fragment board.

    Veneers are not a new invention. Elaborate veneers were uncovered in King Tut’s burial place in Egypt and were made use of thoroughly throughout the Renaissance. By the 18th century, veneers had come to be a fine art type. Master cabinetmakers such as Chippendale and also Hepplewhite decorated exotic woods in complex patterns to create aesthetic interest in their gently crafted furniture.

    When fine lumber was limited throughout World War II, veneers became the only method to create furniture cost effectively. Unfortunately, a lack of excellent craftsmen as well as insufficient adhesives brought about ineffective results. Possibly that is when veneers got the credibility for poor high quality that they are still tormented with today.

    Why not utilize solid wood funiture?

    Solid wood is important for posts or legs that support furniture, for mounting, or whenever carving is involved. Due to this, every item of great furniture is made up of a minimum of some solid wood. But think about these issues:

    • Solid wood bows and warps over time.
    • Heat and also humidity changes can make solid wood agreement, bring about divides along the grain referred to as “period splits”.
    • Woods with one of the most gorgeous organic patterns are usually conserved to make veneers as a means to stretch the worth of the lumber.
    • Solid wood furniture is costly.
    • Solid wood furniture weighes.
    • Solid wood furniture does not bend conveniently.

    Veneers are simply a much better selection when a cabinet manufacturer desires to incorporate contours, decrease warping or make use of unique woods.

    Just how Solid Woods Furniture and also Veneers Compare

    When buying furniture, lots of people are trying to find a combination of attractive layout and metals, durability, worth and also, increasingly, ecologically sensitive metals.

    Let’s compare solid timbers as well as veneers according to these criteria:

    1. Aesthetic appeals.

    Charm is in the eye of the observer. If you are searching for the straightforward lines, plain timbers, as well as solidness of Shaker or Mission design furniture, solid wood furniture is a fantastic choice. If you want some contours in your furniture, matched grain patterns, inlaid timbers or exotic woods, you’re visiting be attracted to pieces that incorporate veneers.

    Veneers provide the complying with design benefits:.

    • Finer graining — The finest logs are utilized for veneers just since you could stretch the wood much further. A solitary log cut or peeled into veneer can provide the metal for countless pieces of furniture.
    • No defects — Defects in the wood are eliminated throughout the manufacturing process.
    • Accommodates contours — Veneers are slim enough to bend and could be shaped by the cabinet manufacturer.
    • Wide variety of costs woods — Premium woods such as American Maple, American Walnut, American White Oak as well as others are usually offered only as veneers, or are fabulously expensive if purchased as solid wood furniture.
    • Great for patterns — Sheets of veneers could be integrated to form appealing styles that would certainly be impossible to accomplish with solid wood furniture.

    2. Toughness.

    Solid wood furniture will certainly last permanently if it is made well. Years of heavy usage could cause dents, dings or blemishes, however the elegance of solid wood is that surface flaws might be sanded out and also the furniture could be redecorated. On the other side, solid wood furniture is prone to bending and cracking if correct humidity is not preserved at all times.

    Veneers are often made use of for security on surfaces that might warp if made from solid wood. Panels, sides as well as fronts of cases are typically made from veneers. Veneers are extremely durable, as shown by the numerous items of antique veneered furniture that are still in use today. Nevertheless, given that veneers are comprised of a slim item of wood over a substrate, in some cases deep scratches could not be fined sand out without exposing the substratum. This limit makes solid wood workdesk and also table tops a far better option in settings where furniture receives heavy usage.

    3. Worth.

    Furniture made totally from solid wood is more pricey than furniture made from a mix of veneers and solid wood. This stands to reason given that more top notch lumber is required. In the instance of exotic woods with restricted accessibility, solid wood options may not even be offered or could be so costly that very couple of individuals would certainly consider an acquisition.

    When getting furniture, make sure to evaluate the use that the piece will certainly get against the cost. A desk in an university library will certainly receive even more use (and abuse) compared to a desk embeded the edge of a living room in a residence. Furniture components that can be continuously fined sand and also fixed justify the added expense of solid wood in the library setup, but are lesser in a home.

    4. Environmental Considerations.

    If preserving natural sources is a concern, after that furniture made of wood veneers is a fantastic option. The veneering technology makes it possible to obtain choice. The veneering technology makes it possible to obtain 15 to 20 tables out of the exact same lumber used to develop merely one solid wood table. The substrate utilized as the base for the veneer is an eco-friendly method to make use of lower-grade lumber or fragment board comprised of recycled sawdust.

    The best ways to Recognize Wood Veneer.

    Premium wood veneers could be tough to separate from solid wood. As a matter of fact, some stores that advertise their furniture as “solid wood” are really selling pieces that are a mix of solid wood as well as wood veneers. Here’s just how you could tell if furniture incorporates some veneers:.

    1. Look for banding — Are large surfaces such as table tops bordered with a band of wood or veneer going the other direction from the grain? If so, the banding is possibly covering the unfinished side of the veneered wood.
    2. Look under as well as behind — If the bottom or behind of the furniture’s surfaces has a different wood than the top or front, you know that a veneer was utilized. You will certainly often see a nicer wood on the top and also a much less eye-catching wood under.
    3. Examine the grain — If the grain goes all the method via the top, base and sides of the wood surface, you are checking out solid wood. Otherwise, the piece is made at the very least partly from veneer.

    The Signs of Quality.

    The regional price cut furniture shop markets furniture made from wood veneers. Exactly what’s the difference? Right here are 5 telltale indicators of top quality:.

    1. Density of the veneer – Mass created furniture is usually covered by veneers that are as slim as 1/128th of an inch. These veneers are as well thin to allow sanding or redecorating. If the surface area is damaged, you simply throw away the furniture as well as buy a brand-new item! Hand-crafted furniture will include veneers that are thicker as well as can fit light sanding for a life time of usage as well as pleasure.
    2. Building – Wood veneers on low-cost furniture are usually secured together with staples or low-cost nails. Quality furniture will certainly be built with veneers on real wood substratums that are fastened making use of durable woodworking strategies such as dovetailing, doweling or tongue as well as groove joints.
    3. Mix of solid wood as well as veneer – High top quality furniture utilizes solid wood in structural components such as furniture legs, blog posts, arms and frameworks. Less costly counterparts will certainly utilize wood veneers throughout an item of furniture.
    4. Kind of wood – Craftsmen make use of high-end wood veneers for their remarkable grains and the capacity to use exotic timbers that are unavailable or unstable as solid items. Wood veneers are specified for their awesome appeal, whereas the local furniture warehouse store often tends to use more mundane veneers and use dark discolorations to conceal problems and also as a method to keep prices to a minimum.
    5. Design – While mass furniture makers will utilize veneers simply because they are a lot more budget friendly compared to solid wood, craftsmen frequently use veneers for particular effects that would otherwise be exceptionally challenging to accomplish. Handcrafted furniture will include wood veneers for curves, patterns and for elaborate inlays and also outlining.

    When evaluating the high quality of furniture, one of the most important concern to ask should not be “Is it solid wood furniture?” Instead, ask:.

    – Where are wood veneers used on the piece?

    – How thick are the veneers?

    – What kind of wood is made use of?

    – How is the item constructed?

    The response to these inquiries will reveal far more regarding truth top quality of the furniture.