Particle Board vs. Solid Wood Furniture

  • Particle board furniture has become fairly popular these days, thanks to its lower prices. Yet exactly how well does it execute when as compared to furniture made from solid wood. In this write-up we take a look at the differences in between particle board and also solid wood furniture.


    Distinctions in their making:


    Particle boards are syntheticed wood items, that are made from quite small bits of wood (such as sawdust and also little wood flakes). These wood particles are frequently the by-products that are acquired while making various other kinds of wood such as plywood or blockboards, and for this reason particle boards are very cost-effective to make.


    The wood particles are blended with glue (such as Urea formaldehyde resin) and the combination is firmly compressed utilizing a hot-press equipment making these wood boards or sheets.


    Solid wood on the other hand is a natural wood product, that is acquired by felling trees, as well as cutting the logs to smaller sized dimensions and forms to ensure that the wood could be used for making furniture.


    Price contrast:


    Fragment boards are much less costly as compared to solid wood, as also more affordable compared to all the other kinds of crafted timbers such as plywood, blockboards, MDF (tool density fibre-boards) and HDF (high thickness fibre-boards).


    Solid wood furniture is expensive however its much more powerful and also more sturdy compared to particle board furniture.


    Strength contrast:


    Solid wood is a lot more powerful as it is a natural uniform product. It is categorized as wood as well as softwood. Examples of wood are teak wood, sheesham wood etc. and examples of softwood are mango wood, want wood etc.). Wood is denser as well as more potent compared to softwood.


    In any type of instance, particle boards are lighter, less dense and weaker compared to any one of the solid woods used in furniture production. A simple means to judge the stamina of any type of furniture is to examine its weight (larger is typically much better) and to touch it with the fingers to examine the thickness (particle boards seems hollow, while natural wood sounds strong and solid.


    Resistance to water:


    High quality solid woods such as teak, have a natural oil material, and for this reason could stand up to water well. That’s the factor, teak wood furniture is typically used outdoors through yard tables and chairs.

    Particle boards are extremely vulnerable to water or even moisture. Normally the boards are prelaminated as well as the lamination provides a little security versus moisture as well as moisture, but the boards still could obtain harmed if revealed to water.


    Ecological issues:


    There are advantages and demerits of each type. In the instance of particle boards, one can state that because its made from waste wood fragments it aids protects the environment by saving wood and also trees. However the reality still stays that it is made using formaldehyde materials which are not extremely eco-friendly.


    In the instance of solid wood, any kind of type of fabricated resins are entirely avoided, thus it is quite natural and risk-free to utilize, nevertheless to obtain solid wood, trees need to be reduced, and also could be a reason for deforestation in instance the wood has actually been gotten from woodlands, as opposed to handled ranches.




    Furniture made from Solid wood is far more long lasting. In truth, in most cases high quality teak wood items are known to last for greater than 100 years, serving even more than one generation. When it comes to Particle boards, many of the store owners I have actually met themselves claim ‘You can anticipate a 5 years of life time’ Summary:


    To recap, solid wood furniture is better and also more potent compared with particle board furniture, yet it is likewise much costlier.


    The selection which one to get is usually based on individual demands. Those who are searching for short-term affordable alternatives, discover acquiring fragment board furniture easier, while those that are prepared to spend even more money for quality as well as toughness could choose solid wood furniture.