From camera to shop stool

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    Each year we visit Colonial Williamsburg and come away with new ideas for furniture projects. While touring colonial homes, out-buildings, craft shops, and exhibits, we’re on the look-out for interesting possibilities, and capture them in pictures with iPhones. This year, while in the kitchen behind the George Wythe house, a small stool caught my attention, and I snapped the following picture.


    It’s a very simple design with only two unique components – the Seat and Leg. I did not capture any dimensions. Upon returning home, I loaded this picture into SketchUp as a Photo Match (one of the three options of importing pictures to SketchUp). Most often, I import pictures as an “Image” as the photos usually are more orthographic – that is, straight on front or side views. But in this case, the picture was taken an oblique angle. Photo Match is a function that accommodates modeling on a picture at perspective angle.

    After importing the picture, SketchUp displays a confusing batch of colored bars that must be arranged in a specific way on the image of the furniture. In the following video, I show how these bars are arranged so that the modeling can proceed. Here is the opening view of SketchUp after importing the picture as a Photo Match.


    Here is the final model and a dimensioned orthographic view.



    Drilling the sockets for the Legs using the Site Lines and angles determined in SketchUp. I used Monterey Pine for the Seat and Modesto Ash for the Legs.


    Here it is in the shop……


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