Designing for clients

[ad_1] Designing is an element of furniture making that I genuinely enjoy. I love the challenge of synchronizing the client’s needs and style with my own. As with many aspects of woodworking, my process of designing has changed a lot over time as I have learned from previous mistakes. These days, my first step in […]

Scholarship Winner Spotlight: Jordan Abraham, Royal Canadian Dragoons

[ad_1] Time and again, we’ve heard stories about how woodworking can be a therapeutic way to work through life’s tragedies and setbacks. Nobody knows this better than Jordan Abraham. Jordan, who serves in the Royal Canadian Dragoons, was injured by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan in 2009, just 38 days into his deployment. “I […]

From camera to shop stool

[ad_1] Each year we visit Colonial Williamsburg and come away with new ideas for furniture projects. While touring colonial homes, out-buildings, craft shops, and exhibits, we’re on the look-out for interesting possibilities, and capture them in pictures with iPhones. This year, while in the kitchen behind the George Wythe house, a small stool caught my attention, and I snapped the following picture. It’s […]

STL 134: Crosscut Sleds and Friendly Commissions

[ad_1] Question 1: I have built several crosscut sleds, and they all seem to be flawed enough to where after I am finished I think to myself that I might have to scrap it and start over. I built one out of 1/2 in plywood and made my reference fence from several layers of […]

Backcover/How They Did It: Period Imperfect

[ad_1] Dan Strout is a period furniture enthusiast, but he doesn’t confine himself to exact reproductions. Strout’s tall clock combines complex shaping with vacuum veneering, inlay, turning, bent lamination, and carving. To make the project more approachable, he broke it into four parts: bombe base, the central section or waist, the neck, and the drumhead. Get […]